Rocky Point Farm grows blueberries, mainly for customers in our area who pick their own. Our website tells about us, about picking and enjoying blueberries, and about the health benefits of blueberries. You can also find links to other sites, including sources of recipes.
We even offer tips on growing your own blueberries.

2016 Blueberry Season
start date was
Friday, July 8th and we expect the
picking to continue to late August.

More than 5.4 tons of berries picked so far!

It is a Great week for picking!
Blueberries are looking fantastic!

Come by soon to pick some!
130 Rocky Point Ave, Warwick, RI

We are open 7 days from 7 am - 12 noon
on Thursdays from 4 - 8 pm

$2.70 a pound for U pick
$4.50 a pound for We pick for U

It is cooler in the early morning hours and very peaceful!

Be Sure to Refrigerate your Berries to keep them Fresh!

Updated on July 25, 2016

We will send out emails to
everyone on our email list and will post updates
on our Facebook Page
for blueberry, pawpaw, and pumpkin walk news.
Please see our email and Facebook contact
information below.

      Email us at,
please let us know your first and last name, and ask
to receive updates during the year.
Thank You!