Rocky Point Blueberry Farm Stand

Rocky Point Farm grows blueberries, mainly for customers in our area who pick their own. Our website tells about us, about picking and enjoying blueberries, and about the health benefits of blueberries. You can also find links to other sites, including sources of recipes.
We even offer tips on growing your own blueberries.

We also grow and sell another fruit, the
pawpaw, that may be new to you!

 pawpaw fruit

Our blueberry season ended this year on
August 17, 2013.

   We sold a total of 9 tons of berries this year!
Looking forward to next year already.
Thank you to everyone for coming.

      Email us at and ask to receive updates during the picking season, or you can go to our Facebook page - like us there
and you can get updates that way too!

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