Rocky Point Farm grows blueberries, mainly for customers in our area who pick their own. Our website tells about us, about picking and enjoying blueberries, and about the health benefits of blueberries. You can also find links to other sites, including sources of recipes.
We even offer tips on growing your own blueberries.

Blueberry Picking is in Full Swing!

Hours 7 am to 12 noon everyday and also
from 4 pm - 8 pm on Thursdays.

Buckets and liners provided.

You will find plenty of blueberries in many rows!
Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Berkley, & Nelson
are all looking very good!
Be sure to go to the far reaches of the field!

5.6 tons of blueberries have already been picked,
but that is less than half of what we expect from the
crop by the end of the season.

Updated on July 29th, 2015


We will send out emails to
everyone on our email list and will post updates on our Facebook Page
as the season progresses to let you know
how the picking is going.
Please see our email and Facebook contact information below.

We also grow and sell another fruit, the pawpaw,
which may be new to you! Our 2015 crop will be ready
by late September. We will post updates here as soon as the crop
is ready to harvest. We will also
send out an email to everyone on the pawpaw list and
post updates on our Facebook Page.
Please send us an email to get added to the
update list for this year’s pawpaw crop.
Thank you to all our loyal pawpaw fans for their
continued support of this amazing fruit!

 pawpaw fruit
      Email us at, please let us know your first and last name, and ask
to receive updates during the year.
Thank You!