Nui Variety Blueberry Bush ripe blueberries Rocky Point Farm


Are all blueberries the same? Our blueberries are the cultivated highbush type, not the lowbush type harvested in Maine nor the wild highbush berries some of our customers picked as children. We have six varieties of blueberries, plus several more that we are testing. Each row in the patch is marked so you can know the variety you are picking if you wish.

Which are the sweetest? Which are the best tasting? The simple answer to the question about sweetness is that each of our varieties is sweet if the berry is fully ripe. But there are differences. For example, one of our varieties--Berkeley--is less tart when not 100% ripe than the others, and when ripe its taste is milder. At the other extreme, Herbert is quite tart right up to the moment of ripeness, but when ripe has a complex and delicious flavor that makes it our favorite for fresh eating when we can take the time to pick carefully for ripeness. A sure-fire way to determine ripeness is to look for a dark circle where the stem hits the berry (on Herbert, there is a noticeable swelling at that point when the berry is fully ripe). Some varieties ripen earlier than others; usually Blue Ray and Nui are the earliest, closely followed by Blue Crop then Berkely. Nelson and Herbert are our latest ripening varieties.

How do I find a variety? Each row is marked along the main path with the name of the variety.