Due to poor pollination and fruit set, the 2017 crop of pawpaws is too small to enable online ordering. Please check back again in October, 2018.
Thank you!

We will hand pick your fresh pawpaws the day they are mailed and they will be carefully packed with bio degradable and recyclable packing materials. They will be shipped by two day priority shipping with the USPS.

Each shipment will include some delicious pawpaw recipes and tips on the best ways to keep your pawpaws fresh.

We will let you know, when you place your order,
the approximate date it will
be shipped on a first come first served basis.
There is a limited supply of fruit, but we will take
as many orders as we feel we can reliably fill
before the end of the season.

You will receive a confirmation email and a USPS tracking number at the time your pawpaws are mailed,
so you will know
the exact day they will arrive.

The package will not require a signature.
It will be left in your
mailbox or at your front door.

Please be sure to refrigerate your pawpaws
as soon as you get them.

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Green pawpaws on the tree! After a pawpaw is picked it will turn brown on the outside. That is the natural state of the picked pawpaw. Your pawpaws will be a yellow to yellow orange color on the inside, even if they look brown on the outside.

3 pounds of fresh pawpaws $32.00
includes shipping

5 pounds of fresh pawpaws $49.50
includes shipping

2018 orders for pawpaws will begin in October. We will take as many orders as we feel we can reliably fill. Please place your order as soon as you receive our email that our ordering process is available. To be notified when we are starting to take orders in October, please use our email address at the bottom of the home page. Include in your email your full name and your interest in receiving Pawpaw updates.
Thank you.

Please note that we can only ship to the
contiguous United States.

You must be able to reliably receive packages at your place of residence from the USPS without a signature.

We are not responsible for delayed, damaged, or undelivered packages due to the errors of the USPS or to your inability to open your package on the day it is received.

We do not ship UPS.

No post office boxes please.

We do not ship frozen pawpaw pulp.

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Chill your pawpaws and eat with a spoon.