" /> Rocky Point Farm blueberries and pawpaws


Blueberry Picking began on Monday, July 9th, 2018.
We will be open every day until mid August.
Hours: 7 am - 12 noon every day &
4 pm - 8 pm on Thursday nights
$2.80 a lb for pick your own.

Our last day will be Sunday, August 19.

Careful picking is required at this time to avoid
berries that are over ripe or that have fruit fly larvae.
Your berries need to be very firm when you put them in your
bucket. Roll each one gently in your fingers
and if any softness is felt, or any juice comes out,
do not add it to your bucket.
We are spraying our field for the fruit fly
and have found that with careful
picking, you can find many excellent berries to take home.

As this kind of picking requires special care, it may
not be ideal for small children if you are particular
about the berries you bring home.

Please do not bring your dog.


Page updated on August 11, 2018

We will send out emails to
everyone on our email list and will post updates
on our Facebook Page
for blueberry and pawpaw news.
Please see our email and Facebook contact
information below.

      Email us at blueberryrockypoint@verizon.net,
please let us know your first and last name, and ask
to receive updates during the year.
Thank You!